Who Takes Money-Making Advice From A Pick Up Artist?!

So depending on who you talk to, maybe he is…or maybe he isn’t a “pick up artist.”   And who would ever take wealth building or financial advice from one?

Well, when one of them makes OVER $20 MILLION per year as a self made publishing icon teaching guys how to get better with women, maybe we SHOULD listen…

Have you heard the name Davide DeAngelo, author of the bestselling book and interview series:  “Double Your Dating?”  Probably.

But did you know that his REAL name isn’t David DeAngelo?  It’s Eben Pagan.  (I see why he changed it…who would take dating advice from an “Eben,” right?)

Eben/David seems to be much more focused on growing an thriving business than teaching guys how to pick up women, and that’s just fine.  Because when you get rich…or even just financially independent, dating whomever you want becomes infinitely easier!

“Wanna get laid?  Get rich first.”  (Not necessary…but it definitely helps)

The problem with making money is that most people are absolutely clueless about how to really do it.  They don’t understand “wealth creation.”  Eben does…and he released a free video, workbook and ebook about it.  It’s really pretty good and he has a lot more on the way.

I suggest you at least watch/read it.  If nothing else, this IS a new year…maybe you can make it the best one ever.


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  1. Johnny Cole
    952 days ago

    Fantastically good thank you, There’s no doubt that your trusty followers may possibly want a good deal more blog posts similar to this maintain the good effort.

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