What Value Are You Adding?

The other day I posted a blog about David DeAngelo’s new report and video about Self Made Wealth. And I revealed that his real name is Eben Pagan and how he’s done an amazing thing in making himself a publishing icon making over $20 million per year!

And although this isn’t about “picking up girls” per se…it’s about building a better life.

That report and article led with the concept that to get…you need to give value. That money really is nothing more than the representation of the value that you’ve given to the world.

In the article below from Russell Simmons, (of Def Jam) he shares his own unique insights about this and they’re worth reading.

Author: Russell Simmons

To mark the release of my new book Super Rich: A Guide To Having It All, I went on Twitter and asked a simple question: What would you do if you were Super Rich?

The response was immediate, humbling and extremely encouraging….

What made all these responses so damn inspiring wasn’t only the compassion and commitment to service that they expressed, but also what they didn’t focus on.

Not too many people tweeted about buying themselves a new car or watch. Not too many people even wrote about taking that dream vacation, or improving their house. Almost to a person, the responses all put the needs of other first.

And really, that’s the message at the core of Super Rich.

That when you dedicate yourself to service rather than success, compassion rather than consumption, and focus on the process itself rather than the results, you will bring out the best in not only yourself, but the world around you as well.

True richness is a state of needing nothing. I try to state that truth over and over again in Super Rich and I see it expressed as well in all these inspiring Tweets. Because when these beautiful people talk about putting the needs of others first, what they’re really saying is, “Nothing I get for myself is going to make me feel half as good as putting a smile on someone else’s face.”

Having said that, I want to address one common misconception some people get when I start talking about needing nothing. Having a selfless, compassionate attitude is not going to separate you from worldly success. In fact, just the opposite. This is because when you are a happy, selfless worker completely focused on your service, you will experience this simple truth: GREAT GIVERS BECOME EVEN BETTER GETTERS.

This is such a critical concept. As you move towards a higher degree of consciousness, you will find that the road to enlightened is paved with riches. When you operate from a state of contented abundance you will get materially rich. In fact, much quicker than the selfish person who chases money and is only focused on the results.

In over 25 years in the entertainment industry, I have seen this truth played out over and over again. I watched people like Kevin Liles, today one of the most important players in the record industry and the great director Brett Ratner start off as unpaid interns and quickly climb their way to the top off the strength of their service. They weren’t worried about getting paid or even getting promoted. They were completely immersed in the process of making the people around them better. It was a quality that made them so attractive that soon the world was writing them bigger checks than they could have ever imagined.

…Have faith that your belief in service isn’t going to separate you from worldly success, but rather insure it...Not only with the material toys that are fun to play with for a moment, but with the long term happiness and contentment that comes from giving. And once you touch that true, lasting happiness, then you’ll be Super Rich.

~~~Ok, Brad here again with a few of my own thoughts…

This hits true on so many levels, and although I’d like to say that I live my life exactly like this, I know I don’t…yet. If I were super rich I’d still spoil myself as much as I do others. And day to day…I’m still thinking about ME maybe more than I should. But I’m aware of that and consciously moving my focus where it should be…especially since I truly know that that’s where most of my satisfaction comes from.

If you didn’t get a chance to view Eben/David DeAngelo’s video the other day….click here now

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