The PUMA Skills Mastery Course

This is my flagship product created completely by me, Brad Jackson, which shows you how to do all the effects that I’ve done, in the field, and are proven to work with women.  You will receive instruction by me with commentary on how to use these tricks effectively so that you don’t look like a “try-hard magician” who’s trying hard to impress the girl.  Rather…this stealth magic will allow you to captivate any woman and build attraction while you’re blowing her mind.

Mind Eraser by Joe Brogie and Jay Noblezada

If you ever wanted to have the JEDI skills to erase someone’s mind, this is the effect.  Watch this video how master Joe Brogie erases a hot girl’s mind and even makes a guy forget his own name.  Yes…you too can learn this effect!

Pick Up Magic Volume I & II Featuring Julian and Stefan

This online version of the double DVD set features over 2 dozen more magic tricks that you can use to create panty-dropping excitement with women

About Brad Jackson

I have been using magic tricks to create attraction and excitement with women for years. Magic creates curiosity and curiosity creates attraction. When you fuse the principles of seduction used by master pick up artists with cool, spontaneous magic tricks, you can easily break the ice with any woman.

Here at PUMA Skills I will share my methods with you, showing you how to use magic in your game without looking like you're trying to pick up girls with magic.

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