A Weird Little Mind Trick for YOURSELF

by brad jackson

I’m going to share something with you that I just discovered.  It was one of those little epiphany moments  of “aha” that I knew I would remember forever.

This is not a magic trick (though it works like magic).  It’s not something you do to other people, in fact it all happens in your mind, to no one else.  However, if you do it well and often enough….people who know you will not be able to help seeing how transformed you are.

Let me set this up first.

Everybody is facing issues.  Everybody.  We all have beliefs about ourselves that limit us, we self-sabotage, beat ourselves up and it usually manifests itself as low self esteem, fear, anxiety, drugs, addictions, etc.

The problem is, you’ll never get over something in your life that causes you pain unless you OWN it.  You must control it…or it WILL control you.

Life is about control.  Do not misunderstand me here.  Life IS about Control.

Sure, you can think that I mean it’s about how many people or money or toys that you control…and you would be wrong.  It’s about how you control the most untamed, wily, fierce, unpredictable beast in the world.  Your own thoughts.

You must own them, the good, bad and the ugly thoughts that control your actions.

You say:  “Way easier said than done.  This sounds like self-help babble.”

I say:  “Shut up and listen”  (thus taking control  :-)   Sorry, had to inject some humor.

How do you take control when it seems so hard?  How do you Own your Life?

There is a formula for Freedom.  This is how it was presented to me in the book I just finished (I’ll tell you later)

This “Freedom Formula” is so powerful, tested, true and remarkable that if you apply it, then you are guaranteed to see positive changes.  No…not a chance of positive results….a freaking Guarantee.

This is the formula

C > E

Cause is greater than Effect.

(Go with me here…it will be worth the rest of the read, I assure you)

Each of us is basically living on one side of the formula or the other.

Either you are the conscious director and “causer” of the things that happen in your life or you let life just “happen” to you.

Depending on the situation, some of us live on Cause in some areas and Effect in other areas.

Living in Effect is living like a slave.  People here are easy to spot because they’re usually bitching, moaning and complaining about their life, looking for government hand outs, or blaming other people for the situations they’re in.

People who live in Cause take action and change their situations that they’re in because they “own” the fact that they created that situation.  When you’re living at Cause you take full responsibility for everything in your life.  Of course, if something terrible happens to you, an accident, act of God or senseless violence, you didn’t necessarily “cause” that to happen….but you DID cause your reaction to it.  You let the reaction control you and put you in the Effect zone.

Living at Cause doesn’t mean feeling guilty of what you have attracted to yourself (positive OR negative)…it is simply about taking Ownership of your life and how it has gotten you to where you are.

Everytime you blame something or someone else for your situation you get weaker and weaker.  This is where MOST people live (but not you, not now that you know the answer).

Take full responsibility for where you are.  Rely fully upon yourself to get where you want to go.

Cause things to happen to you or Cause yourself to react in a way that benefits you when life takes a crap on your forehead.

Don’t just “live at Cause”….take it a step further.

“Be Cause”

If you liked this post, please pass it on or leave your comments below.  If you’d like to know where I got the inspiration for this post, it was from Sean Stephenson’s new book:  “Get Off Your But” which I could not recommend anymore highly if I had written it myself.

  • simonhg1806

    nice post brad, as usual great stuff you have there.. oh yeah n sean's an inspiration to us all! :)

  • Russ

    Love the words,
    Thank you for sending then to me.

  • Jesse

    I haven't read Sean's new book yet but that guy is an inspiration and a living example of being a cause. Thank you for the value that you are sharing with us. I think we would all be better off if we were even aware of this fact!

  • Jim

    Great stuff! Very good philosophy and attitude to have. Thanks for posting it!

  • dave

    victim or victor choose your role!

  • David

    Very Nice ! I can,t believe i,ve been telling myself This thing Exactly without reading or hearing it anywhere. of course i,ve read a lot psychology books, but this thing was bymyself, and not anywhere else. Time to write my Own version of “Get off your Butt!” :D

  • Leon

    Nice post, Brad! I used to live in the Effect zone, but after years of small changes in my life, I'm actually aware of how things under my control (good and bad) are caused by me… And I resent no one for them, not even myself :) Kudos both to you and Sean, of course!

  • frankie

    Very interesting but do our thoughts really control our feelings/emotions too? And if so, how?

    I have tried positive thinking and willpower but it has never really worked out for me the way I expected so I'm wondering if there's something buried in the subconscious mind that I need to deal with?

    • http://www.pumaskills.com Brad Jackson P.U.M.A.

      Great question. The answer is NO. Our thoughts do NOT control our feelings/emotions.

      Those are out of control for every single person…no matter how “in touch” or enlightened they are. It's like trying to control the wind.

      However, our thoughts control our reaction and how we act on those emotions…as well as controlling “what meaning” we give to those emotions.

      For instance. Someone may say or do something hurtful to you and you can't control how you “feel” about that. But you can control what you say or do back to them and you can also control what you let those emotions mean.

      Some people will internalize those situations to mean they're not good enough or whatever. Others assign a different meaning…like “that person must be having a bad day.” Or even….”you know, maybe they're right about that. What could I do to improve myself.”

      Hope that makes sense.

      • frankie

        Thank you for replying and sharing that. Yes it makes perfect sense…..now
        the hard part is controlling my thoughts so I don't over react OR under
        react to different situations with chicks who push the wrong buttons, as I
        tend to be a bit too sensitive for my own good sometimes :( Is there a
        “magic” trick to accomplish that?


      • Fat-Albert

        Hey guys,
        Nice post here. You’re right in that we choose to be in control, we choose to act (or sit by the wayside and let the world flyby and then later wonder what happened). We also choose our feelings such that when you’ve internalised your thoughts to be so positive/creative/savvy = no matter what people say or do you will not let this disrupt your course of action. Remember, critisism has absolutely NO WEIGHT but from what you give it. Thats why I sleep soundly every night. Moreover, no matter what comes along = I’ll handle it.
        Get stuck into moving towards a life of prosperity guys as the world rewards those who ACT!
        Keeping it real

    • Roger

      Hi Frankie,
      I feel that you should read ” A Guide to Rational Living by Albert Ellis “…. It will answer a lot of your questions…

  • Ditty Burd

    yo i like dat great motivation

  • Los32

    There was some really great stuff in this post, although I feel it was too brief. There is so much that can be said about self-aggrandizement. This concept has been covered by so many authors, leaders, spiritual figures, etc…through-out history. One of my favorite teachings comes from the “Tao Te Ching”, as translated by Stephen Mitchell: “If you realize that all things change, then there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you aren't afraid of dying, there is nothing you can't achieve.”

  • Philipp Vajda

    That’s of course quite essential stuff for a satisfying lifestyle but if you want to take it further and more deeply in this whole sphere I strongly recommand “Neuro-linguistic programming” by Anthony Robbins or Richard Bandler. For those who aren’t familiar with that one.
    best regards Phil; appreciate your work Brad!

  • Erge

    Actually I dont know waht Am reading.

  • http://twitter.com/maxikbal Max Ikbal

    This post perfectly proves the concept of free will

  • Erick

    This is
    ancient wisdom, man! And only now NLP is scientifically proving these concepts. For instance, that’s the basis behind the idea of “karma”, in buddhism. Contrary
    to the popular belief that karma is some sort of consequence for actions done
    in a previous life. Karma actually means “doing”, and the real meaning of it is
    just what you talked about: everything that happens to you is essentially YOUR
    DOING. Even if you were not responsible for something that happened to you, the
    way you feel about it is your doing. In other words, YOU are in control,
    ALWAYS. You can’t NOT be in control. Acknowledging this is a life changer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000435942388 Keara Stevens

    Wow. This is so inspirational and now because I CAUSED the fact that I read this I WILL CAUSE myself to take full responsibility of my life. Thank-you. :)

  • Gary

    This is dumb.

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