Exclusive: Inside Secrets Of A Las Vegas VIP Host: “How To Roll Big Without Spending Big”

I have to make this short, sweet and to the point because we don’t have much time.

Last weekend I went to Las Vegas.  Maybe you’ve seen my stories about hanging out with Nick Quick out there and getting crazy in sin city.

So here’s the part I left out…

Stay with me and read every word.  If I don’t tell you the story…you’ll never understand WHY you need to hear it.

One of my Facebook friends told me to call this Vegas VIP Concierge Host he knew…not a guy who works at a club…but a guy who owns his own business providing the ultimate Vegas rockstar experience to people.  Times they’ll never forget…

This guy is connected and has all the hookups.  Bars, clubs, shows and even women right?

So I make a phone call to him, his name is Noah…and he says to come meet him outside the club PURE at Caesar’s Palace on Friday night.  I’m with my friend Jeff so we roll there not knowing what to expect.

Noah walks up with a gorgeous blonde Russian girl named…get this…Inga.  That’s her in the pink outfit….Noah’s the guy in the middle.

So picture this….we’re standing outside the most crowded club you can imagine.  3 hour wait to get in.  It’s like 11 pm.  Noah and Inga walk up, shake our hands and say follow me.  We walk right past everyone, shake hands with bouncers and keep walking into the club back to the VIP section.

Noah says Hi to a few waitresses, next thing you know we’ve got bottles of Grey Goose on the table and girls like the ones above hanging out with us.  Cool right?  But nothing you couldn’t get my dropping a few hundred bucks on your own…or is it?  But amazingly…we didn’t pay a penny.  (Thanks Noah).  I guess it pays to have connections.

The amount of “social proof” we had in the ultra-VIP section of the club was fun.  But that was NOTHING.

After talking to Noah and his friend Ryan (tall guy in the pic above) who does the SAME thing in Miami, I was amazed at their lifestyles and wanted to know more.

I thought that YOU guys would want to know more as well. So I set up a phone interview with him TODAY, Friday 10/9/09 at 6pm CENTRAL time.

(Sorry for the short notice)

You’re invited to join and ask him questions too:  YOU’LL LEARN

  • How Noah got started as a Vegas VIP Host
  • The inside secrets of making connections at clubs with doormen, managers, waitstaff and bartenders that most people will never know when they simply “tip” to get in.
  • The crazy stories of what a VIP Host really provides his customers that other guys never get.
  • How to “Roll Big” Without “Spending Big”
  • How to create that Rockstar Experience for youself…and others.
  • What the difference between going to a club…getting VIP by throwing money around…and hiring a VIP host can do for your experience.

I’m also going to make him tell you…

  • How to start your own VIP Host business in your own city.
  • How to make connections with models where you live so you can roll big with them and even get paid by providing a crazy club experience for others.
  • What you need to know to become the guy that women want to be with…and men want to be.

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…

Look…if you’re like most frustrated guys who go to a trendy club and wait for a couple hours to get in because you’re too broke-ass or cheap to tip the doorman…

Then you get inside and are too broke or cheap to buy a drink

Then you sit around and talk to your friends all night or chase women around the club that are chasing the other guys around the club…

You need to hear this interview.

What if you could become a rockstar for the night.  What if you could learn how to get PAID to be the rockstar and make others a rockstar?

Beats working behind a fucking cubicle doesn’t it?

Even if you never want to create a full time business doing this….how fun would it be to have the skills to do it?!

THAT’S what we’re talking about tonight!


Look at this picture of Noah:  Then read below…You Won’t Believe This!

So I got this pic of Noah’s Facebook page (hope he doesn’t mind).

Noah also owns a company called Wing Women.

No…it’s not an escort service…well not really.  THIS IS FUCKING GENIUS.

Wingwomen provides hot girls who go out with you or a group of friends and rolls into a club or bar with you providing NOT ONLY social proof…but the girls go out and meet OTHER hot girls, talk you up and bring them back to your lazy ass who’s sittin in VIP looking all “rico suave.”

There are strict rules…no screwing your wingwoman…but think of this and how it would really work.  You roll out with hot ladies (like the girls in the picture above)  DISCLAIMER:  I HAVE NO IDEA IF THESE GIRLS IN THE PIC ARE WINGWOMEN OR JUST FRIENDS OF NOAH.

This is a totally legit business.  It’s been featured on MSNBC, Maxim Magazine…and a bunch of other places.

Do you think this guy has a few things to say about nightlife, ladies, clubs, and rockstar lifestyle?

You bet your ass he does!

And you’re going to get to listen in.

Here’s the deal. It’s Friday night and Noah is a busy boy getting ready to entertain clients.  So to get him to agree to this I told him I’d charge a cheap “cover charge” almost like tipping the door man and give him all the proceeds.

I don’t get any of this money by the way. It all goes to him BECAUSE I want to thank him for hooking us up not one…but 2 nights in a row.  AND I want to give you guys good content.

It would be free if I could…but it will be worth it.

(I thought this would be a short little page…but I got writing and I couldn’t stop…I get kind of excited and burn up my keyboard.  :)

I told Noah we cannot charge like  $100 bucks or anything like that.  You guys would kill me.

The cover charge at PURE that night was $30.

But screw that.  Let’s cut it in half and say for only $30 only $15 you get to listen live, ask questions and get a copy of the recording.

IMPORTANT:  I will most likely sell the recording after the live call and some editing for at least 3 times this price…so if you can make it…please take advantage.

I only have like 100 lines open on this call and it happens tonight.


On this call we are going to give you a special VIP code for your next trip to Las Vegas. If you like what you hear and want Noah to hook you up like a Rockstar…but not at the rockstar prices, he’s going to give some undisclosed special to anyone who signs up for the “PUMA Package.”

We’ll also give out his website and everything else on the call to the listeners.

Ok, enough rambling…I gotta go write my questions.


P.S. The call starts at 6pm US CENTRAL Time…This registration page comes down at 5:45 pm Central Time.

Need to know how to convert your time zone? Just Click  —> Time Zone Converter

P.P.S. I KNOW IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT:  If you register here and pay your $15 right now…even if you cannot make the call at the live session…you will still get the recording and NOT have to pay the price when I triple it.

So it pays you money to register right now.  Once more…sorry for the late notice.

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     What you are doing here is quite magical!  I envy you! I want my own WingWomen too…huhuhu