Text Message Magic Trick

by brad jackson

A couple days I showed you a video from my Friend Race DePriest about how to send great text messages to girls and get them really excited to chat with you.
I also gave you a free download of his PDF Text Game Mastery.  If you missed that post and want to see it again click here B4UTXTHER

Then…as if it weren’t like I was being Santa Claus enough…

I promised that since we are on the topic of text messages…I would share a video with you that allows you to do a REALLY cool text message that is guaranteed to get a girl’s phone number.

But first…it’s important to know that if you enjoyed Race and Christian’s Text Message Mastery Video…you’re going to want to pay close attention to your email on Sunday because that’s when they unveil their brand new program or something on how to master the use of text messages.  They wouldn’t let me see the product yet but when I do, I’ll let you know if it’s worth your time or not.

Ok…Here we you’ve probably never seen a trick explained exactly like this before…but when you’re done with this video you’re going to be able to do THREE THINGS.

When you press play you’ll see what those 3 things are.


To  see this better you can view the video “full screen” with the 4 arrows up above.

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Click here for the pdf cheat sheet

Try it…it works…like a ninja

And stay tuned for more from Race DePriest and Text Game Mastery.
Oh…if you want to learn that more pick up artist magic tricks like that…
get the PUMA Skills Mastery Course by clicking here

Oh yea…if you liked this video that I spent ALL day on for you boys…leave me a comment below

If the comments hit 100 I’ll post a BONUS!

  • dave

    very cool and slick i love it oral misdirection at it's easiest

  • Billy

    Gonna try this tonight, just for fun!

  • Ignacio

    Hey Brad, your stuff just rocks. Not just does it work, it's fun as hell to do it! You're the man, Brad. Cheers

  • Ken

    Nice….I am going to practice thins on my friends and try it tonight when I go out.

  • http://www.puaforums.com/ Bill Preston PUA

    This trick is great… :)

  • Race de Priest

    This is awesome…like always. Can't wait to give it a try :)

  • Raspuchin

    Thats great ..but couldn't understand what if She chooses a heart … what should we do then ? should we just end the scene by saying “too good you aint a gold digger ” ..is that it ? this way when she will see our text msg later on … she will say that “the gas hole sent me some silly diamonds”

    by the way …i really dont care what eva she thinks ..!! :-)

  • diggidoyo

    If she chooses hearts, then YOU split the diamonds into odds and evens. If she chooses diamonds then you tell her to split it. Simple.

  • aaronjeffrey

    I think this trick could work, but what if she realises that you're not splitting them the same. For example, what if she questions why you're keeping some of the things she's chosen but deleting others? Say she's picked hearts, so you've deleted them, and then picks the odds of the diamonds, and you keep them. I think some would see this and call you out on it.

  • Roman

    Niceeee tryed it yesterday the girl was in total shock

  • Indrajit

    HI Brad,this NINJA Trick is mindbogling awesome,i tried it with one of my freinds and all of my friends with me reacted like “oh my GOD,how did you do that?” Thanks for teaching such a good stuff….

  • Dan

    Fantastic trick, love it.

  • Mike

    Awesome trick, Brad….can't wait to do this in the field…keep'em comming.

  • charly

    It worked w 2 girls last saturday!!! Congratulations!!

  • Prabhu NS


    That's cool, a typical Magicians “FORCE” to do that ;-)


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  • Andrew

    That is absolutely ridiculously awesome!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RJVFPYEPTTBAVSEMJ4NQMAK2FE Baseball

    This takes too long and it is obvious what is going on form the beginning.  The girls that fall for this are stupid

  • Ayaaz

    too excited

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