The Best Kept Secret of New Year’s Eve

by brad jackson

How To Get A New Year's Eve KissAs a single man there are 3 holidays you should look forward to more than any other days of the year.

Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Valentines Day.

Since it’s almost New Year’s Eve…I’m only going to cover this one in today’s article.

New Year’s Eve Sucks…here’s why:

  • Every place you go is really expensive
  • Every amateur is out that night
  • Bars, clubs and restaurants are crowded
  • Too much pressure to find the “perfect party”
  • Cops out on patrol looking to pull everyone over.

Ah…but New Year’s Eve is freaking incredible too! Here is why you have a higher likelihood of hooking up on New Year’s Eve than any other night of the year. (Halloween and Valentine’s Day included)

Here is why New Years Is Your Secret Weapon…

  1. Everyone is in the mood to party
  2. Girls are dressed to impress
  3. Single girls are more worried about having a New Year’s kiss than you can imagine
  4. A good kiss at midnight often ends up in bringing the new year in with a…”bang.” :)

Did you know?

According to a recent survey of more than 84,500 people conducted by TouchTunes Corp., 34 percent deemed locking lips at midnight Dec. 31 more important than watching one’s weight, meeting someone new or getting the perfect gifts this year.

Here are some New Year’s Even Tips and Tricks

Dress Up…or get peacocked. You should be either decked out to the nines or wearing something outrageously fun, funny or cool. You are there to party. Show it off. Carry mardi gras beads if you want, wear something cool or put on your best suit. Either way…this is the time to pull out the big guns.

Everyone will be in a good mood tonight. Say hi to the girls and the guys. No one is too cool on New Year’s Eve. Your chances of getting a cold shoulder this night are the lowest next to Halloween. If you ever had approach anxiety…now is the night to shake it off.

You aren’t looking for a girlriend tonight. You’re looking to hook the hell up. This is a make it or break it night.

(Side note: I actually have hooked up with girls on New Year’s Eve that I just met and ended up dating them for a while. Yes, you can date a girl you sleep with the first night you meet her especially if it’s New Year’s Eve. The “slut-label-risk” is diminished…she gets a free pass on New Year’s….why? Because it’s fucking New Year’s Eve!)

You’re going to be bouncing around and talking to every girl you see that’s attractive and even some that aren’t…remember, you’re as friendly (or friendlier) than everyone else tonight.

How To Get The Midnight Kiss

Here’s the big secret of New Year’s Eve that almost EVERY guy misses! “You don’t have to wait til midnight to get the kiss.”

The 2 main scenarios:

1. Last Minute Emergency:

You can’t find anyone til midnight. 30 seconds are left and you’re scrambling. You haven’t made any major inroads with any girls yet. Time’s running out. You find whatever you can. Point to her. Say “Hi, my name’s Brad. Let’s spend the next 60 seconds getting to know eachother REALLY well.” you say this with a smile…bring her in…and plant one on her. This is no time to be shy. Everyone has an excuse to ask for a kiss at midnight New Year’s Eve. Get in there…grab what you can and do it. This is caveman stuff.

(Side Note: I did this one night years ago…found a girl with 15 seconds to go before midnight. Woke up at her place the next day. That’s all you’re getting on that for now)

Alternate Emergency Kiss Close Line: (Field tested by me)

You. “Hi, my name’s Brad, what’s yours?” “You know…You’re very good looking, I’m very charming…we’ve obviously got a lot in common. It’s a match made in Heaven. Now let’s see if there’s any truth to this crazy rumor.”
“What Rumor?” she asks
“The rumor that you and I would have the most electrifying New Year’s Kiss at this entire party.” Then kiss her.

2. The Early “Practice-Kiss” Audition (The Best Kept Secret)

This is quite simple and quite simply the best way to go about New Year’s Eve. As you’re being social and meeting girls all night long…simply ask them: “So, who are you bringing in midnight with? Who’s kissing you at the big moment?”

If she says no one. Say…”I haven’t found one either…but I’m holding auditions and you look like you were born for the part. Come here…let’s practice.”

THIS above line is the epitome of “cocky+funny.” It has to be said with a sense of humor and fun. It has worked 100% unless the girl already has a date. You can follow it up with…”I don’t want you to have anything other than the best kiss either…so if you’re not happy…we’re free to find someone else.”

I could come up with a littany of other lines…but why bother when these have worked so well for so many years.

How To Close The Deal For The Night

I wish there were some super sneaky strategy that I had to teach you to parlay the midnight kiss into the midnight lay…but I’ve never found it very hard. I’ve found that often…the girl who kisses you at midnight has just given you the green light as long as you don’t screw it up. At this point…you’re playing safe. The hard work is over.

However, here is some sexual escalation tips:

  • Ask her if she was as adventurous this year as she thought she’d be.
  • Ask if there’s anything she didn’t do this year that she really wanted to.
  • Hell…ask if she had enough sex this year…in a very funny playful way.
  • Tell her that just because you kissed her at midnight doesn’t mean you’re going to sleep with you. Tell her she’ll have to wait til next New Year’s before you give up your goods. (Flip the script on her.)

The bottom line is this…New Year’s is ripe ripe ripe. Girls are in the perfect frame of mind: Out to party, looking good, a little pissed they don’t have a date or a boyfriend, determined not to let that ruin the night and willing to let loose because it’s the end of the year.

This is the one night you man up…go out and be as social as you’ve ever been and don’t be afraid to go for the early kiss…it’s New Year’s best kept secret.

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    Being single on New Year’s SUUUUCKS!!! You sound very encouraging and supportive. I’m sure as hell gonna try to try out the techniques you mentioned. Times Square is one huge venue to be able to pull this off. And I’m kinda really totally shy person. Wish me luck :D

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