Magic Tricks To Impress Girls

by brad jackson

Ten years ago, when I learned my first set of magic tricks to impress girls at a bar, and witnessed how well they worked to take a cold conversation and turn it hot, I began to study the effects that using magic has in flirting and pick up.

I noticed that the more I concentrated just on having fun and the least I made it about trying to pick up girls with magic the easier it got.

My obsession with magic grew and I wanted to learn every magic trick in the hopes that some of them would work to impress girls at a bar.  The more I learned the more I realized I actually couldn’t use.

I searched the internet for “magic tricks to impress girls” and found nothing that would give me exactly what I wanted.  After mastering the art of magic and flirting I created PUMA Skills to reveal which magic tricks work best to impress girls and more importantly, how to do it without APPEARING like you’re using magic to pick up girls.  That was a key difference.

For instance, I never use magic as an opening line or pick up line to meet girls. It’s always introduced later during the conversation instead of up front.  That is a big misconception.  Oh and I never bring cards with me either.

If you’d like to learn more.  Just watch that little video in the upper right of this blog. Just press play.

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