Gorgeous Woman Doing An Incredible StripTease With A “Twist”

by brad jackson

This video “caught my eye” and I just HAD to post it here for you guys. It is semi-work safe…depending where you work and it’s not pornography. But do yourself a favor and watch the WHOLE thing.

(No…you’re not getting Rick-Rolled or going to see a scary picture at the end or find out she’s really a dude).

I’ve truly never seen anything like this before.

  • Guilherme

    Its a brazilian Ad…
    I hope to be able to buy the subscription to your website.
    Chears from Brazil…
    Gui Costa

  • Elvispres2002

    What a cool advert.

  • Crowsofdoom

    Is that man supposed to turn up?

  • John

    Loved it.

  • Puneet95

    Brilliant. Thanks Brad

  • Randy

    WTF!! This has to be one of the funniest Parental Control ads I’ve ever seen. And the most unique. What’s really creative about it is how they were able to have the guy in there and having him actually pressing stop and $^&t! Now that is what I call interactive! Absolutely classic!!

  • http://social-masters.com/blog Preston Blain

    Very cool advert indeed. Just glad I didn’t get rick-rolled again :-)

  • http://womenchaseyou.com/ Patrick Chase

    Where can I get the FULL version? *wink wink*

  • Jkljlksjln

    puta mierda, sois anormales

  • DRL061178

    I want to kick that little dudes ass……

  • fuckyou

    you fucking troll. fuck you. 

  • bkstudios

    I am actually highly unimpressed with Brads business hear. He billed me twice for my one account and now I can’t get a hold of anyone to correct the mistake. I have been attempting to contact Brad for the past two weeks and still have nothing. I guess his PAYING customers aren’t that important to him

  • Kid Herban

    i swear ima kick this little dudes ass bro

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