Get Her Back In Bed Again…

by brad jackson

If you want to get that ‘friend with benefits’ back to being more BENEFITS than friend…

OR get hook up again, with the ex-girlfriend who just contacting you back…

You need to work out a game plan for getting her attracted to you again, and be proactive about it.

Does begging her to jump back into bed with you work?

Well, duh – of course not.

That is pretty obvious, unless she is one of those psycho-needy girls (in which case… RUN!!)

The number one thing you need to keep in mind (probably obvious too…) is that women don’t think the same as we do. Women think in terms of relationship.

All relationships have the occasional hardship, and some of those hardships do eventually end in people going their separate ways. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the end of it.

If you want to start sleeping with that girl (again), you need to find out what it was that sent her packing in the first place. So what are the most important things to remember before you go all in?

* First and foremost you need to figure out what caused the sexual attraction to dissolve in the first place.

* The second thing that you need to do is to calm the f*ck down. Get rid of any desperate emotions… the last thing you want to do is appear week and pathetic.  Get yourself into a positive state (hang with the guys, play some sport, go to a strip club, whatever works for you).

That will help you work it if you want HER back, and if you work out that you DO… she’ll also be more open to what you have to say than if you just come begging for sex.

* You might want to think about why things went south in the first place too… It could be that the sex was great, but maybe putting up with all the in between stuff wasn’t worth the effort.  Whatever the reason was that she stopped coming around… just look at things in perspective, is she worth the work.  Maybe she is!

* If you have all of that going for you, then you can contact her and just see how she reacts to you.  It might be positive or negative, but a response is at least something to work with!

At the end of the day, simply wanting to get back together with someone won’t make it happen.You need to be willing to put some serious thought and effort into making it happen – but… In a LOT of ways getting someone back that you have already slept with is easier, because you have already had that initial attraction.

She obviously WANTED you enough to sleep with you… so getting her back should be easy enough, if you are willing to work out what went wrong and how you can get around it.

I am going to be sending you an email in a day or so, to show a few ideas to get things to get her BACK with you.

- Brad Jackson

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  • Casador


    I got mad respect for you but this article is very abstract. It’s missing the hows in the aspect of “finding out what went wrong.” If the girl contact you then it becomes easier, but if she gives you the silent treatment, then it’s nearly impossible. In the latter, I think it’s best just to move on. But for the first, just asking “what happened?”, which is the direct approach that we guys like to take, shows that you are still hung on that situation. A more stealth approach might be needed, in this case you will be sending us the details in a couple of days.

    In comparison to Hamlet, we cannot take woman at face value. There are few that will be straight forward but most we have to play along. That’s a good reason to take this part of your life seriously and try to understand modern dating techniques and theories. It all comes down to psychology. If you are interested in people, then all of this should be fascinating to you. To those who don’t like people, just think of this as a skill that you are acquiring.

    Good luck and make it happen!

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  • Jammer

    Ya, I agree with Casador. Most inexperienced guys really don’t know what went wrong, and normally there’s a multitude of “reasons”. Asking doesn’t usually help. Perhaps provide some possible reasons/scenarios with a game plan for each one.

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  • Matthew Gossard

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