Say Goodbye To Boring Facebook Status Updates

by brad jackson

I have a Love/Hate relationship with Facebook.  I love how it helps me connect with friends and subscribers.  I hate the following….

  1. Having to come up with funny or witty status updates when I’m not in the mood
  2. But I hate even MORE when other people pollute my Live Feed with boring-ass drivel that I could give two shits about!

I have a FREE cure for boring Facebook Updates Below.  You’re going to become the LIFE of Facebook overnight!

Facebook Status Cheat Sheet

First of all do you realize how many beautiful single girls are on Facebook and other social media?  How the hell do you get their attention?

You have to stand out!  How do you stand out in social media?   GREAT UPDATES!

But what if you suck at being witty and charming all the time?

<–Click the book to the left and your problem is solved.

And It’s FREE!

“58 High Value Status Updates for Facebook”


Here’s the Deal:

The author, my friend “Action Jackson” (no relation)…from the Matchbook Method is releasing a brand new program in JULY ’10.  I know…kind of a long way away about how to become a Facebook celebrity with girls and get the most high value women on social media.

THIS 20 page report will be a part of the full-paid program but he needs feedback on it so I agreed to send this to my loyal readers and see what they thought.

Download your Free report here:
“58 High Value Status Updates for Facebook”


Please Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of it.  I’ll make sure AJ is watching it too…Feedback is important and that’s the reason you’re getting this for Free….


Brad Jackson

  • Megafram

    Thanks Brad..a couple gave me a good laugh and it showed me that i'm headed in the right direction.

    much appreciated.

    • Treydee

      there is nothing funny in this whole fukin piece of shit you call funny updates

  • tim


  • todd2010

    great thanks. realised a few mistakes of my own, & have changed my update accordingly. awesome stuff.


  • Sam

    Nice work. I agree with a lot of the advice and suggestions in the report! :)

    I personally only ever post status updates that I think will get a laugh. The other attraction switches are fairly pointless to try and hit through status updates alone and I agree that mundane every day life stuff is annoying to read.

    Nice work,

  • Meow

    My cat liked it.

  • Jkenpo

    Not to bad, the only thing I'd say is that it is probably important to select status updates that are congruent with your profile and your life in general.

  • Greg

    Good Stuff!
    Maybe also provide in the PDF a link to the updates sorted by “social proof”, “leader of men” etc to make it easier to be congruent with your lifestyle as well as the straight 1-58 guide…

  • JC

    It's good that this material is out there, but some of these lines are kinda corny… hope there are better lines in the final product..

  • Jeff

    Been looking for an Alpha Male type facebook status message thing for quite some time…this is AWESOME!!!

  • Gaterz

    Great content!!

  • NMman

    VERY VERY Good stuff man. Its very appreciated and I shall put it to good use lol.

  • mo

    lol.. the status updates are awesome

  • Steele

    Great List. 2 of these ive actually used before even reading this.

  • Malaysia

    they're good, but would really appreciate if you could also include stuff that would fit girls from a more conservative culture. that'd be awesome, but all in all, it's great, just tried one just now and few girls jumped in to comment on my Brad!

  • rockycollins

    Hey Brad, good stuff
    though i gotta say I don't see many females commenting on your posts on you use another social networking site?
    All of this sounds great in theory, and I'm not against trying it., so I'll let you know if anything works better than my normal status updates. :]
    Oh, the 5 LOW VALUE rules, great stuff..I think those have been things I subconsciously understood, but now I'm completely aware.

  • matic


  • Rob

    they were alright in a might use couple of em way but nothing special mate can probably think of better myself!!

  • Anonymous

    This has been uploaded to all file sharing sites. Thanks.

  • Matt G

    Haha loved the statuses, they were creative and funny. Also served as a good reminder as to which parts of your life to post and not to post. Definitely helped out a lot. Good post

  • Ken

    Let's see.. :)

  • jarrah

    good, pointed me in the right direction! thanks

  • richdude

    some fun stuff in there – thanks

  • Pablo Arias

    Very nice.

    Regards from Chile

  • Neo82

    great work !!! can't wait to learn more from the team.

  • Sidewinder

    Hey Brad and AJ,

    This stuff is awesome and can definitely revolutionize dating when first meeting women online.

  • jun-kay

    Thanks pretty neat

  • Kyle Adams

    Very very nice, totally fun and witty.

    I'm sure this is gonna be gold, man, thx for bringing this up.

  • Emanuel

    thanks so much brad!! you have seriously given all of us in the community so many free bees that are so much appreciated. hiroshima opener. the tricks you share once in a while. the halloween costume! All I can say is thanks man! your emails in the AM are the best!

  • utahman

    The updates themselves don't seem to be getting a very good response, but the information about the mindset and the update sins is excellent.

  • seriousfun1

    Brad, I said it before, and I'll say it again…”Your da man!!”….all the freebies we get from you, the Tricks, Hiroshima opener, the Halloween costume(that was the BEST, hope you got the pic's) and now AJ's book. All great stuff that has really helped me personally improve my dating life 10 fold

    Thanks Dude…..your the man.

  • Ignacio

    Hey Brad. You always are bringing us the best you can find, and let me tell you man, IT FUCKIN ROCKS! now, it'll not only be getting attention with a 'casual' mindblowing trick!! thanks man ;)


    Got reply's back form females. EXCELLENT!

  • supernova

    wow…dis iz kool gud wrk

  • Heavymetalfreak10

    i put up the status “If I don’t text you back please refrain from texting me five more times… I
    would really appreciate it.” just to test it out and at the time i was using facebook chat and as i chatted with my friend, the notifications of girls commenting adn liking my status started pouring in. haha so in other words i thought it was pretty good.

  • Armanbam7793

    goood stufff

  • emPt._hOPe

    goood stufff

  • Aandtstrand

    good stuff

  • Muhammad Emad


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