About Brad Jackson

That’s a Dayum good question and I’m having a hard time to decide if I should talk in the first person, 3rd person where I say that Brad Jackson is the most electrifying man in pick up magic today…or just call myself, “The PUMA.”

The PUMA like long walks after sunset, ice cold margaritas and girls in sundresses. Don’t piss the PUMA off because…you know what….screw THAT! It was fun for a second but the PUMA was starting to annoy Brad Jackson. :P

Look, IF I had this huge ego and thought of myself as a world class magician or the best pick up artist in the world, this is where I would spend time bragging on myself and making me sound way cooler than I really am.

I do have a wicked little sense of humor and an intolerance for tolerating intolerance. I believe that all generalizations are false, including this one.

As good as I think I am, I’m nowhere near as cool as my dog thinks I am. Beyond him, I’m sure other people do too…I’d like to meet them though because I haven’t seen any.

(The girl in the picture is the cute little Brazilian girl I’m dating…I’d like to believe she thinks I’m the coolest too…but I doubt she’d ever admit it…them Brazilian’s are stubborn and sassy like that).

To YOU…I’m just a face on a website talking about magic and picking up girls. Now depending on what you think about that…you either think “Kick Ass” or “Whatever, Dude.”

Since it would be hard to invite you over to my house and have a beer…I kind of have to just spill my guts right here and tell you why you’re reading this work of literary drivel.

I’m here to help you understand how to use magic to build attraction with girls, become the life of the party and experience the “instant fame and social proof” that doing a couple cool effects for an unsuspecting girl or group of girls can bring you.

You may be aware of Mystery the famous pick up artist who teaches seduction and he uses magic in his game….but he never revealed the magic tricks. Well fortunately I do…for a select few. I call them P.U.M.A.’s or “Pick Up MAGIC Artists.”

I created P.U.M.A. Skills in 2008 to show guys like yourself exactly how to fuse magic with seduction….BUT THERE’S A CATCH. I show you how to use magic to pick up girls without looking like you’re using magic to pick up girls. That’s right. I help you avoid the mistakes.

Years ago I was a pretty shy introvert who had trouble just talking to girls, let a lone getting many dates. Magic REALLY brought an amazing amount of self confidence and the ability to interact with one person or groups. I can now approach any girl or have her approach me, excite her, incite mystery and entertain her.

But it wasn’t just about the magic. When I discovered the underground society of pick up artists (aka the Community) the same way many people did (after reading Neil Strauss’s “The Game”) I began studying everything I could and practicing. I’d been using magic for years and got good…but this made me even better. I studied under some of the top names in pick-up and have since become very good friends with a lot of them. It’s a great feeling to hang with your mentors.

To this day though, no one else has been able to successfully teach guys how to use magic along with other gimmicks and routines effectively without looking like a dancing monkey. That is my mission and you’re invited to join.

pick up girl with magic trickI love magic. LOVE it…but I’m not a full blown magician. I don’t study the craft to perfection and get paid to magic tricks. I wouldn’t take a hired job and I don’t practice for hours and hours in front of a mirror. I don’t have to. I’ve perfected the art of finding the coolest tricks and effects that can be done easily, without many gimmicks and pack one hell of a punch.

See, I’m not just focusing on magic when I’m using it with a girl, I’m focusing on attraction…and using magic to ignite or enhance that attraction….and I’m going to show you how to do the same thing…and avoid the mistakes a lot of guys make.

I live in Dallas, Texas but I travel the country (sometimes world) working from my laptop. It’s a pretty cool lifestyle, I must admit. It was made possible by PUMA Skills and I’m forever grateful for this opportunity.

I’m also a big believer in self-development. This is different that self-improvement because to improve something means something was lacking. I don’t feel lacking as a person…but I do desire to develop into an even better one.

If you’re studying magic or the art of seduction and pick up arts, you’re already developing yourself. I applaud you for that. You’re looking for answers to bring about that which you desire.

I can help you in one or two areas.

I can show you how to use magic like the best pick up artists in the world to cause girl-crazy attraction and have a blast doing it. AND I can relate to you on several levels and help you understand that to find a better woman you need to make yourself a more developed man (notice I didn’t say a “better” man :-)

And thanks for coming to check out PUMA Skills. It’s the first and only place that truly integrates Magic with Pick-Up and shows you how to use the skills of a magician and the cunning of a Pick Up Artist to charm and attract beautiful girls and women.

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