Are You Tired Of Women Losing Interest In You After 5 Minutes?
Sick Of Getting Stuck With What To Say NEXT?"

"How To Make A Woman So Curious About You That She Becomes Attracted To You And Consumed With You...Almost By Magic"

*Warning: If You Already Have Skills With Women This Will Make You Dangerously Good

This site is for guys who get frustrated with “running out of things to say” and wish there were a shortcut to exciting conversations with women.

  • If you’re having trouble impressing women with “small talk” or
  • Struggling to “connect” with women once you’re talking to them or
  • Too nervous to approach her because you don’t know what to say next

My name is Brad Jackson and YOU might be exactly the kind of guy who can benefit from what I’m about to reveal  Let’s Find Out…

It Starts With A “C” And Causes Women To Find You Attractive Or Boring

Curiosity.  In fact, it’s the MOST powerful emotion you can make a woman feel.  (I’ll explain WHY it works so well below)

When you make a woman curious about you, something magical happens!  She starts wants to know more, see more and hear more.  Speaking of “magic” if you take  can take a woman out of her reality, away from the troubles of her day and show her a glimpse of the “impossible” you will trigger this curiosity in any woman (And that automatically creates attraction)

There are many ways to do that.  But at P.U.M.A. Skills we focus on the single most effective, easy and available source of curiosity that’s proven to flip the attraction switch and impress women easily so that you will never be “at a loss for words” with women again.

Most guys have watched in disbelief as their nerves when approaching and talking to women literally vanish as their courage and confidence grows.

Funny thing is, when I first discovered this method I thought “That Would Never Work!”

But It DID WORK better than I imagined, But first let me explain….

P.U.M.A. Skills is a Private Club and Email Magazine for guys who use bar magic, sleight of hand, and mentalism to create attraction, chemistry and curiosity with women

Brad Jackson Impress Girls With Magic

Brad Jackson:  Since 2008, I have helped thousands of guys learn how to impress girls by revealing shortcuts, techniques and methods that AMPLIFY their attraction with women in a very natural and charming way.

#1 Reason Most Men Get STRESSED & FAIL When They Meet Women?
If you’re the type of guy who can walk up to any woman, anywhere and just say “Hi” and watch as a hot, fun conversation unfolds that leads to her tossing her hair, squeezing your arm, giggling at your jokes and staring at you with bedroom eyes…

Then you (probably) can ignore what I’m about to say next!

For the rest of us…sometimes it helps to have something prepared that you can RELY on to do the work for you.

According a to a recent survey, 87.5% of men claim that APPROACHING women is the most stressful part about dating.

But they are WRONG!  The stressful part is really:

“What Do I Say NEXT?”

There she is, you’ve gotten up the nerve to walk over and say hello.  Now you’re in the spotlight, she’s waiting for you to say something charming and witty and interesting.  But you’ve got NOTHING except boring, common small talk.

And IF you manage to get any words out of your mouth you’ll probably notice her eyes glazing over with boredom!

And since that’s what most of us guys picture in our heads will happen once we approach her, the REALLY sad part is that it usually freezes us in our tracks and we never approach the woman we’re dying to meet in the first place!

They’ve lost before they’ve begun…

But what would it be like for you IF…

  • You KNEW that any girl who’s lucky enough to get to talk to you would have an incredible time with you?
  • What if you were confident that there’s no Ice Queen you couldn’t melt
  • And no situation where you were at a loss for words?

You Would Never Be Nervous With Women if THAT Were True For You

Use My Shortcut To Get Women To Beg For Your Attention:

My name is Brad Jackson and I USED TO suffer from social anxiety, you know like the kind that makes you freeze up?  Talking to women in a way that made her interested in me was very difficult, yet it’s what I wanted MOST.

So I looked for every shortcut, crutch, aid, or technique I could find that would give me the confidence I needed to get the girls I wanted.

And I discovered The key to making any woman attracted to you:

The Problem Is: Good looking women get approached by a lot of men every time they go out.  It gets so routine that it barely phases them.  They usually can’t remember or distinguish one guy from the next from the next.

Why? Because it’s always the same old stuff from the men who hit on them. Either the guys are boring and dull or they’re creepy and perverted.

And less than 2% of them are considered “fun, charming or interesting” which is what women desire.

BUT, that’s STILL NOT the number one thing that causes her to be attracted to a man.

That, my friend, is CURIOSITY. Think about it this way:

Until you intrigue a woman to “want to know more about you” it’s impossible to get her attracted to you.

Curiosity and Intrigue are the two biggest aphrodisiacs for women.  Much more powerful than money, looks, status or wealth!

And though there are many ways to make a woman “curious” about you,

I happen to have found a quick and easy shortcut. (Read on)

So I took a time-tested and proven method for creating curiosity in normal people with the proven principles of seduction and attraction in women

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And I’ll show you my exact method for going from first meeting the girl, to getting her number and taking her home…

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P.U.M.A. Skills is a Private Club and Email Magazine for guys to master and apply the use of bar magic, sleight of hand, and mentalism effects to create attraction, chemistry and excitement with women.